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Talent Strategy

Timsun rubber tire (Weihai) Co., Ltd. is a modern Taiwan joint venture enterprise, founded in 2006, is located in Weihai economic and Technological Development Zone Timsun Road, No. 1, is a collection research and development, production, operating as one of the national high-tech enterprises. The company's total registered capital of $13 million, investment 550 million yuan, covers an area of 77 thousand and 300 square meters, 2015 the company purchased 500 acres of land, for motorcycle, electric car tire production expansion, after the completion of new projects, production capacity of more than 25 million sets.

Company to "create the best Timsun tires, change the world of bad impression" China manufacturing as a business mission, to let each tire have extraordinary quality, let the world become the leader of Timsun tire industry, to allow customers to become the first batch of operation and use of the world's best respected tire people, let employees become the first batch of world manufacturing Timsun people high, not satisfied with the achievements that have been made to become the benchmark for enterprise tire industry, create the best products in the world tire ", Chinese created" to contribute their strength!

Company's talent policy:

Timsun company attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talent, while providing a platform and channel for personnel training and development:

1, our company has long hired Taiwan, India, European technical experts, professors, regular training and counseling to the company, and combined with internal and external training system, the establishment of a good mechanism for the cultivation of talents.

2, management cadres to implement open competition, at the same time limit the duration, after re full competition, mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in enterprise management, for the new and old employees providing equal opportunities and also show their platform.

3, the company can provide career development and transformation of the channel according to the personal development of employees:

Management: staff, director, deputy channel director, Vice Minister of the Ministry of / /, total aid, general manager and deputy general

Professional channel: technician, assistant engineer, engineer, senior engineer, senior engineer

The production staff development channel: ordinary operators to monitor production, production chief, Department of

Channel conversion: quality management, production post to technology, marketing, after-sale conversion; technology, production post to management, marketing, after sales conversion.

Fringe benefits:

1, enterprise specific mutual fund"

2, five social insurance and one housing fund + supplementary medical insurance + free annual health check

3, free shuttle bus, bathroom and dormitories (with WIFI, washing machines, etc.), the canteen meals supplement

4, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and other major holidays, the payment of welfare, the birthday of the day issued a generous gift

5 years, the annual increase Award

6, paid annual leave, field staff reimbursement Spring Festival home trip......



Timsun tire, look forward to your attention, invite you to join!

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