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Tire development history

The earliest tires are made of wood, which is from the ancient chariot and the foreign gentleman carriage can be seen. Later, when the explorer Columbus in 1493-1496 second exploration of the New World to reach the West Indies in Haiti, the discovery of local children playing the rubber lump, which surprised him. Later he put this wonderful thing back to the motherland, a few years later, the rubber has been widely used, the wheels gradually from the wooden into a hard rubber manufacturing. But this time the rubber tire is still solid, and walk up uncomfortable, but also a great noise.

     Until 1845, born in Scotland, civil engineer Tom invented the world's first pneumatic tire, and "carriage and other vehicles wheel improvement" as the title, won the British government patent. On December 10 the same year the first pneumatic tire was born. The first person to buy pneumatic tires is called a noble, four tires total price of 44 pounds two shillings. 1847 "Scientific American" magazine introduced Tom's inflatable tires, called the epoch-making improvements. However, the British at that time, too much emphasis on the traditional gentleman, in order to protect the carriage, limit the development of steam cars, the speed of the car in urban areas is limited to 2mile (about 3.2km), suburbs of 4mile (about 6.4km) . In this way, Tom's invention will be no market, therefore, slowly also been forgotten. In other words, Tom's first tire revolution, did not give the human kind of sun-like light, because the darkness of human suffering should not seem to end. But the sun always came out, because humans and all things need it, more than 40 years later in 1888, when the veterans in Ireland, England, Mr. Deng Lupu made a patented pneumatic tires. Mr. Dunlop's ten-year-old son, Johnny, bought a three-wheeled bicycle, but because the tires were solid tires made of hard rubber, they were uncomfortable walking on stone-covered roads. Complaining inspired Mr. Dunlop's inspiration, so forgotten more than 40 years of pneumatic tires again come out. With the progress of the times, Mr. Deng Lupu invented the tire quickly in the bike has been applied, and quickly into the automotive field, the world's automobile industry has made great contributions to the development.

In the early days of the pneumatic tires, the carcasses were coated with rubber-coated canvas, since the longitudinal and transverse lines of the canvas crossed each other and the lines were rubbed against each other due to the deformation of the tire during walking, Broken, when the tires can only run 200-300km. In 1903, Mr. Parma invented twill weave, the invention of twill textiles contributed to the development of cross-layer tires, the tire life span a big step forward. Because the oblique fork of the carcass will no longer be caused by walking tires friction, the cord is not easy to be broken off, so life is greatly lengthened. In 1930 Michelin created the first tubeless tires; in 1946 and invented the world-famous radial tires. Therefore, the development of the tire is going through a long process, in this long night, I do not know how many generations to pay the hard work and superb wisdom.

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